The WFDYS is well known internationally for our youth camps!  We have three different camps: Children Camp for 10 – 12 years old, Junior Youth Camp for 13 – 17 years old, and Youth Camp for 18 – 30 years old.  Our camp objectives are to provide leadership training for deaf youth, encourage ideas for organizational and advocacy work, develop transnational networking, serve as a temporary space for cultural and linguistic exchange, and to inspire!

WFDYS Board 2011 – 2015

President: Jenny Nilsson, Sweden
Vice-President: Robert Ssewaggudde, Uganda
Secretary: Eeva Tupi, Finland (2011 – 2013)
Secretary: Jannicke Kvitvær, Norway
Braam Jordaan, South Africa
Ana Navas Serna, Spain
Eunjung Byun, South Korea
Florencia Laurence, Argentina

WFDYS Board 1999 – 2003

President: Joseph Murray, USA
Vice-President: Jolanta Lapiak, Canada
Vivien Batory, Denmark
Stephen Nicholson, Australia
Liya Yihedgo, Ethiopia

WFDYS Board 2007 – 2011

President: Juan Angel De Gouveia, Venezuela
Vice-President: Lars Knudsen, Denmark
Secretary: Melissa Malzkuhn, USA
Daniel Greenwood, New Zealand
Florian Gravogl, Austria
Hee-Kyung Cho, South Korea
Roberto Suarez, Spain


WFDYS Board 1995 – 1999

President: Nina Sivunen, Finland
Vice-President: Joseph Murray, USA
Maurizio Giuranna, Italy
Darlene Thornton, Australia
Antonio Martinez Alvarez, Spain

WFDYS Board 2003 – 2007

President: Vivien Batory, Denmark
Vice-President: Juan Angel De Gouveia, Venezuela
Secretary: Therese Rollven, Sweden
Alda Padeiro, Portugal
Juliette Dalle, France
Patrick Lazure, Canada
Victoria Skorikova, New Zealand


WFDYS Youth Working Group 1987

President: Tarja Karhunen, Finland
Benny Eiferink, the Netherlands
Stig Kjellberg, Sweden
Jeff McWhinney, the United Kingdom
Sylvia Simmons, the United Kingdom