unicefactivateWFDYS Board Member, Braam Jordaan was one of panel members who addressed on how innovation can help prevent non-communicable diseases (NCD) and improve the lives of children living with Non Communicable Diseases.

In addition, Braam discussed the dearth of sign language interpreters in the health field globally and the barriers it creates for Deaf persons, including lack of vital health-related information. Braam powerfully emphasized that communication access is essential for accurate health treatment for both Deaf persons and hearing professionals. This is an important reminder that access to health care services for Deaf persons, particularly in the global South, is an issue that needs significant attention. Braam also represented UNICEF Global Partnership on Children with Disabilities (GPcwd) as Council Member.

Non Communicable Diseases- the chronic diseases that include diabetes, obesity, cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases- have become a major health and development issue affecting the fulfilment of children’s rights. UNICEF and NCD Child hosted an Activate Talk to highlight innovations in living with and treatment of NCDs in children.

Moderated by Dr. Mychelle Farmer, the talk featured: Braam Jordaan, Filmmaker, Advocate for Sign Language and the Human Rights of Deaf people worldwide. Seun Adebiyi, Founder/CEO, Nigeria Bone Marrow Registry, Olympian. Hadleigh Thompson, President, Kids and Families Impacting Disease Through Science Connecticut. Greg Weintraub, Intern, College Diabetes Network