Opportunity to make invaluable contribution

How? For every 8 paying Youth Individual Member (YIM), the WFDYS will be able to support one participant from developing country to one of WFDYS three WFDYS camps (WFDYS Children, WFDYS Junior and WFDYS camps). For example, if we have 24 Youth Individual Members (YIMs) then we will be able to send 4 participants from developing countries.

Basically, you are allowing participants from developing countries to learn so much about networking and to exchange knowledge and experience with all kinds of countries all over the world. It will also provide them invaluable opportunities to learn about sign languages, culture, history and about the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

Individual Membership Fees

The annual fees for a Youth Individual Member (YIM) are the following:

Group A (High-income economies): 25 Euros (€)
Group B (Upper-middle-income economies): 25 Euros (€)
Group C (Lower-middle-income economies): No Fees
Group D (Low-income economies): No Fees

We follow World Bank’s official list of World Development Report for Group A, B, C and D. Please email info@wfdys.org to confirm which group category you fall under.

Please contact Phillipa Sandholm, WFD Administrative Secretary, memberships@wfdeaf.org and she will gladly assist you with your YIM application.

Thank you very much!